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Welcome to Melanoma Awareness Month!


Learn more about our new #GetNaked spokesperson Raheem Mostert and our Melanoma Awareness Month Campaign





NEW Cutaneous Melanoma Patient Guide Stages 0-1

Check out the new guide for patients who were diagnosed with cutaneous melanoma stage 0-1!

MRF Events



MRF Events

Save the Date!

Save the Date for our upcoming celebrations of the melanoma community in Denver and New York City!





Congrats to our Pilot Award Grant Recipients!

Learn more about our grant recipients and their research!

News & Press

FDA Announcement


News & Press

FDA Announces Approval of TIL Therapy or AMTAGVI

Learn more about TIL Cell Therapy through our animated patient video!

Join a Miles for Melanoma 5k

Miles for Melanoma

Miles for Melanoma

Join a Miles for Melanoma 5k!

Join melanoma patients, survivors, caregivers and supporters in cities across the US to walk, run and raise life-saving funds for melanoma research. Find a run/walk near you and register your team today!

Join Us In Our Mission To Cure Melanoma

The MRF’s mission is to eradicate melanoma by accelerating medical RESEARCH
while EDUCATING to and ADVOCATING for the melanoma community.

Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer.

Melanoma claims the lives of over 8,290 Americans every year.

Melanoma is the leading cause of cancer death in young women ages 25 – 30 and the second leading cause of cancer death in women ages 30-35.

9 out of 10 cases are considered to be preventable.

Funding Melanoma Research

Funding from The MRF has resulted in:

clinical trials

25 Clinical trials


120 Grants with new collaborations


261 Publications


539 Presentations

Recently Funded Research

Mayra Betancourt Ponce (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Effects of oxidative phosphorylation inhibition on melanoma

Sabrina Bruno (University of Pittsburgh)

Outcomes and immune profile of type II diabetic patients on nivolumab/relat

August Culbert (Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute)

Tumor Draining Lymph Nodes to Predict Response to Immunotherapy in Melanoma

Kristen Curtis (Case Western Reserve University - School of Medicine)

Pre- and Post-Diagnosis Care Trends in New Malignant Melanoma Cases

Alexandra Dubinsky (Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation)

Telomere Length-Promoting Mutational Landscape in Pediatric Melanoma

Eric Kim (Brown University)

Risk Analysis of US Disparities in Conjunctival Melanoma by Medicaid status

Jayesh Menon (University of Rochester)

Role of Erythropoietin Receptor and RasGRP3 in Metastatic Melanoma

Riva Hannah (Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center at El Paso)

A bilingual patient education community program for melanoma prevention

Nathan Shen (Huntsman Cancer Institute)

Addressing Disparities in Melanoma Outcomes

Sach Thakker (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai)

BRAF Induced MT-UPR Informs The Melanoma Immune Landscape and Survival

Kaden Thomas (University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center)

A Barbershop Intervention to Improve Melanoma Detection in Rural US

Tissiana Vallecillo (MAYO Clinic, Rochester, MN)

Frozen Section of Melanoma: Accuracy at an Experienced Institution

Vanessa Weir (MSK)

The Relationship Between Skin Tone and Molecular Alterations in Melanoma

Alondra Valencia (Stanford University School of Medicine)

Design of sun protection/melanoma prevention materials in LatinX caregivers

Latest News

Shelley Press Release
My name is Shelley, a 59-year-old resident of Ontario, Canada, where I live with my loving spouse and our cherished
Katie Doble Press Release
TIL therapy has given my family and me next-level hope. At 31 years old, I received my first cancer diagnosis—primary
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Guest blog from Jessica Strange, Melanoma survivor who was first diagnosed in 2021: I was first diagnosed with Melanoma on
Brandi Press Release
Guest blog post by Brandi Corbello; melanoma thriver, advocate, MRF supporter and founder of Melan: In 2019, I received a

Optimize Your Treatment

Although the MRF cannot recommend a specific doctor, clinic or clinical trial, the Melanoma Treatment Center Finder and Clinical Trial Finder will help you find an experienced melanoma treatment team, as well as give you the opportunity to explore clinical trials. Did you know that clinical trials are often viewed as the best treatment option for Stage II, III and IV melanoma patients?

Please remember to use this information as a starting point in your search for a healthcare team that best meets your needs. All information regarding your treatment should be discussed with your healthcare professional.


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