Patients & Caregivers

You Are Not Alone

Melanoma is diagnosed in more than 192,000 Americans each year, and these numbers are on the rise. Melanoma does not discriminate by age, race or gender. Connecting with other patients, survivors and caregivers may help you feel better-supported and better-informed. This, in turn, will allow you to play an active role in your treatment decisions and with your treatment team.


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Just Diagnosed… Now What?

If you’re reading this, you or someone you know has undergone a biopsy or other tests in which the diagnosis of melanoma has been confirmed. First, know that you are not alone. Second, arm yourself with information and resources.


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Melanoma Patient Guide

The Melanoma Patient Guide will provide you with need-to-know information on what you can expect after receiving a melanoma diagnosis. Whether you were diagnosed with Stage I or Stage IV, the Guide can be your go-to patient resource.

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Find Support

You are not alone.

A diagnosis of melanoma can spur a range of emotions – from anger, denial and stress to fear, shock and even isolation. These emotions are not limited to patients, but also affect those around them, including caregivers, family members and friends.