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Patients & Caregivers

Find Support

You Are Not Alone!

A diagnosis of melanoma can spur a range of emotions – from anger, denial and stress to fear, shock and even isolation. These emotions are not limited to patients, but also affect those around them, including caregivers, family members and friends.

Build a Strong Support Network

Connecting with others in the way or ways that best suit you may help during this time and beyond.

  • Patient Forum: The MRF’s online community of patients and caregivers provides a platform to ask questions, get information and network with others.
  • Patient & Caregiver Meetings: The MRF hosts a series of in-person, educational events in partnership with with major academic medical centers. These meetings provide an opportunity to learn from leaders in melanoma and network with other patients and caregivers. Attend an event near you or view the recordings from a past meeting!
  • Connect with Others: The MRF partners with several support partners in order to connect as many melanoma patients and caregivers as possible. Learn more about these partners and make connections to become better supported.
  • Email the MRF Nurse: Do you have a specific, more medically based question? If so, you can submit your question to the MRF nurse by emailing [email protected]. You can expect a personalized answer from our experienced nurse within 72 hours.

Living with Melanoma

Your life after a melanoma diagnosis may be different than before. Survivorship and living with melanoma are terms that have different meanings to different people, but to most, they mean living with, through and beyond a cancer diagnosis. With improvements in diagnosis and treatment, melanoma patients must now consider what these terms mean to them.

Financial Assistance

Although the MRF does not provide financial assistance, many organizations exist that may be able to help you navigate finance or insurance issues during a diagnosis or treatment. Learn more about these organizations and what they can offer.