Melanoma Education

Education Institute

Informed and empowered patients live longer, better lives.

The Education Institute was founded in 2018 following a robust, independent needs assessment aimed at identifying gaps in melanoma education. The findings made it clear that more resources were needed for raising awareness, melanoma prevention, patient education surrounding treatment and clinical trials, and engaging dedicated melanoma advocates.

Education Institute Mission Statement

The Education Institute creates general awareness about the dangers of melanoma and offers educational opportunities for the melanoma community on prevention, diagnosis, treatment, side effects, advances in research and clinical trials.

The Institute provides in-depth training for melanoma advocates to participate in and actively support the medical, scientific and regulatory environments.

The Education Institute is made up of core MRF programs and expanded education and advocacy opportunities:

Patient & Caregiver Meetings

Each year, we partner with major academic medical centers and their melanoma teams to offer a series of patient and caregiver symposia. These events provide melanoma patients and caregivers the opportunity to network, as well as learn from leading melanoma experts.


In an on-demand learning environment, view the webinars that most interest you. Melanoma experts from around the U.S. volunteer their time and expertise to record these webinars on any melanoma-related topic.


Building off the launch of our 2015 Certified Melanoma Educator Course, we now offer additional advocacy courses to accompany our educational courses!

Educational Literature

With a portfolio of more than 15 pieces, we are proud to offer all of our educational literature as a free service to patients, caregivers, healthcare providers and the public. Look at what we offer and place your order to help spread melanoma awareness in your community!

Animated Melanoma Videos

In an effort to improve health literacy across understanding melanoma and navigating a melanoma diagnosis, we have partnered with Mechanisms in Medicine to create You and Melanoma: An Animated Patient’s Guide to Melanoma. 


Melanoma can be a difficult disease to understand. Having a glossary of commonly used terms may help you better navigate through a diagnosis and treatment plan.