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Educational Literature

Pieces of educational literature distributed since January 1, 2020!

Increase Awareness in Your Community!

We are proud to offer free educational literature to patients, caregivers and the public.

Are you hosting a fundraiser for melanoma or speaking at a local school? Do you need to educate patients at your healthcare practice? Check out all the materials we offer, then place your order! Many of these items can be printed at home, as well!

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. Questions related to materials, quantities or your event can be directed to the Program Director at [email protected].


  • Choose Your Items!

    As of January 2022, we currently have 15 items to choose from. Please choose the items and the quantities of each piece that you would like. So we can best serve as many people as possible, please select no more than 3 items.
  • Cutaneous Melanoma Prevention

  • ABCDEs of Melanoma & Self-Screening Guide
  • Prevention flyer
  • Youth Prevention

  • Children's Guide to Self Screening
  • Cutaneous Melanoma Treatment

  • Pediatric Melanoma Awareness

  • Ocular Melanoma Awareness

  • Ocular Melanoma Treatment & Registry

  • General Resources

Have a question about the MRF’s educational materials? Please email the Program Director at [email protected].