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Governor DeSantis of Florida Signs Sunscreen Bill

July 7, 2020

Washington, DC, July 7, 2020 – On June 29, 2020, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida signed Florida Senate Bill (SB) 172, which would overturn current and future bans and other actions related to the use of certain widely used sunscreen ingredients. These …

A Commitment to Our Community

June 11, 2020

June 11, 2020 – The Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF) was founded in 1996 by Diana Ashby, a young woman who was frustrated that, despite significant advances in other forms of cancer, melanoma patients like herself lacked effective treatment options. …

Melanoma Testing During the COVID Pandemic

May 29, 2020

Guest blog post by Micole Tuchman, MD. Dr. Tuchman is a practicing board-certified dermatologist in private practice in Manhattan as well as a voluntary attending at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. After graduating from Yale, she received her MD …

Ocular Melanoma – FDA Listening Session Report

May 29, 2020

May 29, 2020 – On January 27, 2020, the Melanoma Research Foundation’s (MRF) CURE OM initiative led by Senior Advocacy Officer Cassie Beisel conducted a first of its kind Patient-Led Ocular Melanoma Listening Session at the U.S. Food and Drug Administr …

New Legislation Introduced to Fund Ocular Melanoma Research in North Carolina

May 20, 2020

Thursday, May 20, 2020 – This week new legislation was introduced in the North Carolina State Senate to fund further research into the incidence of ocular melanoma in the area surrounding Huntersville, NC. Senator Natasha Marcus is the primary sponsor …