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#EyeGetDilated: Vikki McConnell

November 13, 2020

Guest blog by Vikki McConnell, OM survivor:  Everyone tells you about your 20s. How it’s full of fun, freedom and just living your best life. There is no preparing for hearing the words “you have cancer” at the age of 24. July of 2019 changed my life f …

#EyeGetDilated: Steven Johnson

November 6, 2020

Guest blog by Steven Johnson, OM survivor:  I vividly remember the first time that I noticed some visual disturbances in my right eye. I made an appointment to get it checked out and the doctor ended up referring me to Dr. Matthew Wilson at Hamilton Ey …

#EyeGetDilated: Mark Weinzierl

November 6, 2020

Guest blog post by Mark Weinzierl, OM survivor and MRF Board Member: My name is Mark Weinzierl and for the last 14 years I have been a survivor of a rare cancer that affects your eyes called ocular melanoma (OM). Although it is in the melanoma family, …

The MRF Welcomes Susan Vogel

October 30, 2020

In October 2020, the Melanoma Research Foundation welcomed Susan Vogel to the MRF team as Chief Development Officer. Susan was previously the executive director of the Charles Regional Medical Center Foundation, a position she held since 1999, and brin …

Novartis Know Now: Knowing Rose’s BRAF Status Helped Her Find the Best Course of Treatment

October 27, 2020

Meet Rose Manbachi – a melanoma survivor who benefited from knowing her BRAF status early on, changing the course of treatment. Learn more about Rose’s story and why it was important for her to Know Now and get tested for the BRAF gene mutation in her …