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MRF 25th Anniversary: Improving Melanoma Screening Education for Primary Care Providers Serving Patients of Skin of Color

February 26, 2021

For our 25th anniversary, we share a guest blog from Samantha Black, an MD Candidate from UT Southwestern Medical School and an MRF grant recipient, on her grant entitled “Improving Melanoma Screening Education for Primary Care Providers Serving Patien …

#OutOfTheShadows: Aaron Wade in Memory of Lisa Ann Wade

February 22, 2021

Guest blog from Aaron Wade, son of Lisa Ann Wade who passed away from mucosal melanoma in 2019: Some of my most cherished memories with my mom took place while sitting in a worn-out office chair, in the chemotherapy wing at the back of the oncologist’s …

130 Organizations Call to the President to Prioritize Cancer Patients and Survivors for COVID-19 Vaccine

February 19, 2021

WASHINGTON, DC – As concerns rise about the limited number of COVID-19 vaccines across the U.S., the Melanoma Research Foundation joined the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) on a letter to President Joseph R. Biden, key members of his ad …

#OutOfTheShadows: James Hexter

February 16, 2021

Guest blog from James Hexter, a dedicated member of the New York City Miles for Melanoma community and a mucosal melanoma thriver: Looking back on it, I am not sure I realized at the time how fortunate I was and am. I remember coming home from my oral …

Future Medical Student’s Mission to Educate Everyone on Skin Cancer

February 11, 2021

In honor of Black History Month, Ashley Nelson, a medical assistant in dermatology and future medical student, shares what she has learned about dermatology working in her field and how it’s important for people of color to learn the facts about melano …