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Stronger than Iron

June 20, 2012

Being a triathlete is something of a movement these days.  It follows in the wake of several years’ fascination with running marathons, but takes it a step further. The MRF recently formed a new partnership with the company most closely asso …

Universal Studios 5k Media Coverage

June 8, 2012

 In May 2012, the MRF partnered with Hillary Fogelson of Pale Girl SPEAKS and her husband, Adam Fogelson, Chairman of Universal Studios, to celebrate Melanoma Awareness Month with the inaugural Miles for Melanoma 5k Run/Walk at Universal Studios. …

A Day With the Doctors

May 15, 2012

I spent the day last week in a meeting with doctors and researchers who gathered to discuss ocular melanoma, or melanoma of the eye.  It was the first bi-annual scientific meeting of CURE OM, the MRF’s program focusing on this rare cancer. …

The MRF Applauds New Skin Cancer Research Bill

May 14, 2012

On May 10, the MRF commended United States Representative Brian Bilbray from California's 50th Congressional District on his introduction of the Melanoma Research Act of 2012.    May 10, 2012   The Honorable Brian Bilbray  2410 …

Variety Magazine: Great Race at Universal Studios

May 11, 2012

On May 6 over 1000 runners and walkers participated in the Miles For Melanoma 5k at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, California. Co-sponsored by Hillary Fogelson (PaleGirlSPEAKS), the wildly successful event drew a few Hollywood stars, including Vin D …