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#EyeGetDilated So That No One Else Has To Experience Such a Great Loss

November 29, 2018

Guest blog post by Jim Mills, CURE OM community member and ocular melanoma caregiver: My name is Jim Mills, I am the husband and caregiver to my late wonderful and beautiful wife Leeanne Michelle Mills. My wife (my honey) and I were friends for 38 year …

#EyeGetDilated for Families Affected by OM

November 19, 2018

Guest blog post by CURE OM community member Joseph Boyle: Hello, my name is Joseph Boyle. My relationship to ocular melanoma (OM) isn’t necessarily a positive one, but then again it never really is. I first learned about this disease when my dad …

#EyeGetDilated: Be Smart. Beat It.

November 15, 2018

Guest blog post by Carol L. Shields, MD: Ocular melanoma is a serious disease. This malignancy can be life-threatening. It tends to occur in middle-aged, Caucasian people, particularly those with light colored irises such as blue or green. Don’t …

Days Like Today Are Why I Support the MRF

November 13, 2018

Guest blog post by MRF Board of Directors member, Doug Brodman: On November 13th, 2018, I celebrated 3 years since hearing the words I wasn’t quite sure I’d ever hear, “Doug, your scans show no evidence of disease.” Today, as I …

#EyeGetDilated: Every Day is a Gift

November 9, 2018

Guest blog post by OM survivor and advocate, Ashley McCrary: In July 2012, I was diagnosed with a ciliary body melanoma while living in Memphis, TN. My friend noticed a spot on my iris and pointed it out to me. I tried to make an appointment with an op …