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In J.B.’s Words: A Face of Mucosal Melanoma

January 27, 2017

J.B. Ward is one of the 1% of melanoma patients with mucosal melanoma. She and the MRF have partnered to raise money for an educational video of mucosal melanoma patients to educate others about this extremely agressive cancer. Click here to learn more …

Resolving to Fight Melanoma: Loree’s Year-End Gift of Research

December 14, 2016

I want to give generously to working toward an end to malignant melanoma because, I believe, getting a handle on this most rapidly mutating form of cancer is going to unlock the door to early control of all other cancers. –     …

Support CURE OM with DIFF & Joelle Fletcher

November 22, 2016

The MRF’s CURE OM initiative is proud to announce a partnership with DIFF Charitable Eyewear and former star of The Bachelorette, Joelle "JoJo" Fletcher, this Thanksgiving season.  This month, DIFF Charitable Eyewear is sharing sto …

In Chrisi’s Words: Coming Together to CURE OM

October 19, 2016

When you have cancer, particularly a rare cancer like ocular melanoma, one of the most important things is to connect with others who understand what you are experiencing. Attending the Eyes on a Cure: Patient and Caregiver Symposium the last two years …

MRF’s CURE OM Initiative Welcomes Jacqueline Kraska

October 6, 2016

One of the central challenges with studying a rare disease is that there is little information available. Ocular melanoma (OM) is a rare disease, with only about 2,000 individuals diagnosed each year. To-date it has been difficult for the medical commu …