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Scientific Peer Review of Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs’ Melanoma Research Program for the Department of Defense

January 21, 2022

The MRF is proud to share the following press release from the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program announcing MRF Board Chair (and melanoma survivor) Doug Brodman’s participation in the review of applications for a $30 million appropriati …

25th Anniversary: A Mouse Model in BRAF-induced Melanoma

December 22, 2021

Guest blog post by Martin McMahon, PhD, Senior Director of Preclinical Research, Principal Investigator at Huntsman Cancer Institute. Dr. McMahon received the Diana Ashby Senior Investigator Award (in memory of Linda A. Transou) in January 2006 and ser …

#EyeGetDilated: A Vision Saving, Life Saving Exam

November 29, 2021

Guest blog post by Richard K. Lodwick, OD: As I explain to most every patient, the view into the eye is a direct view into the body. Within the eye we have access to nerves and blood vessels that elsewhere are not visible to the clinician’s naked eye. …

#EyeGetDilated: It Just Might Save Your Life

November 16, 2021

Guest blog post by ocular melanoma patient and advocate Karen Kaludov: When I was in college, a doctor told me my goal was to not get skin cancer before I was 40. The doctor’s “not if but when” mentality seemed harsh, but as a red-head who grew up in s …

#EyeGetDilated: Each Day Together is Precious

November 8, 2021

Guest blog post by ocular melanoma survivor and advocate Sara Haven Rusch:  I got lucky. In 2016 I was 8 months pregnant. I went to a routine eye exam in order to get a new supply of contacts. It was supposed to be simple and routine. I had no vision c …