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Women’s History Month – Celebrating Lauren Clai Morehead, PhD

As we continue to recognize Women’s History Month, please join us in celebrating our 2022 Medical Student Grant Recipient, Lauren Clai Morehead, PhD.

Lauren Morehead Headshot

Medical student

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

For her project entitled: Harnessing Resveratrol Mediated Upregulation of MHC-I to Potentiate Melanoma Immunotherapy

Funded in Memory of Susanne Milne

“Historically, biomedical research has been limited by studies focusing only on male populations. Today, we realize the importance of accounting for sex differences in disease, largely thanks to the effort of women scientists and allies. The significance of diversity in research is tangible and verifiable. I am proud to be a part of the continued effort as a woman in science and a woman who has contributed to melanoma research. I thank the Melanoma Research Foundation for their continued support of women scientists from those at the trainee level like myself and beyond.”

The MRF is committed to funding researchers from the beginning of their career, medical students, residents and fellows, through to senior investigators. The MRF will announce the 2024 Medical Student Grantees later this month – stay tuned for more information!