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Volunteer as a MRF Melanoma Messenger

Volunteer as a MRF Melanoma Messenger


Wondering how to get more involved in the fight against melanoma?  Want to help raise awareness in your community?  Become a MRF Melanoma Messenger!


The MRF Melanoma Messengers program is a national network of volunteers that help educate, build awareness, and raise money for melanoma research in their local communities.  As a MRF Melanoma Messenger, you can bring the national voice of the MRF to into your local community. 


To support your efforts, we’ve developed a new, comprehensive, easy-to-use toolkit to give you an overview of the work our volunteers do and several tips for getting started.  Whether you are interested in hosting a community press event or coordinating a fundraiser, you’ll find something that fits your niche.  (Don’t be intimidated by the size of the toolkit.  It can be printed out in its entirety or you can just choose the topic that is most important to you.) 


The MRF Melanoma Messenger Toolkit is divided into three sections, including:


Becoming a MRF Melanoma Messenger

·         Guide to the MRF Resources

·         MRF Brochure

·         Melanoma Info Kit

·         Sharing Best Practices

·         Evaluation Form


Events and Activities

·         The Value of Events & Activities

o   Sample Budget Forms

o   Sample Sponsorship Package

·         Take Your Message to Congress

·         Establishing a Community Resolution


Working With the Media

·         How to Work With the Media

·         Sample Press Materials

o   Cover Notes

o   Press Releases

o   Media Alert

o   Phone Script

·         Key Messages

·         Sample Q&As

·         Public Service Announcements (PSAs)


For more information about the MRF Melanoma Messenger program, send an email to [email protected].