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Third-Annual MelaNoMo’! Fundraiser raises over $30,000 for Melanoma research

The third annual MelaNoMo'! Fundraiser, held by Neil Gaines, raised over $30,000 for the Melanoma Research Foundation. Diagnosed at stage 3a in 2008, Neil teamed up with a friend to create MelaNoMo'! – a fun, lighthearted event to bring family and friends together at a scenic venue for a common cause. He also has created a blog to document and reflect on his experience fighting melanoma, Diet Cancer.

According to Gaines, "The word melanoma is scary and nasty, but now the word "MelaNoMo'!" hopefully can bring life and joy…The weather was perfect, Johnny's BBQ was excellent, UGA beat Ole Miss, JP Parker Smith Adam Strong & Will Begnaud sounded great on stage, and we even had a Heineken keg. It really all came together in the end to make it the best MelaNoMo'! we have had to date. [It's] going to be hard to top!"

We applaud Neil's efforts on behalf of MRF, and wish him strength to fight this terrible disease. Visit Neil's MelaNoMo'! fundraising page to help Neil and the MRF continue the battle.


Access On The Go: MelaNoMo from WDUN TV on Vimeo.