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The Melanoma Research Foundation Launches the Legacy of Progress Endowment Fund

Endowment Poised to Advance Critical Melanoma Research  

The Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF) is the largest independent melanoma patient advocacy organization dedicated to advancing medical research towards new treatments and ultimately, a cure. Today, the MRF proudly announces the launch of its Legacy of Progress Endowment Fund. The transformative and pioneering endowment initiative highlights the Foundation’s unwavering goal to advance melanoma research, treatment and patient support and denotes a commitment to creating a lasting impact for the melanoma community.  

To date, the MRF has provided over $25 million in grants that have supported major treatment developments in immunotherapy and targeted therapeutic treatments benefiting patient communities living with melanoma including its rarer subtypes and other cancers. The Endowment Fund will support ongoing or new research projects, academic studies and scientific investigations.  

“The success of research on finding a cure for melanoma has had the largest impact for patient survival,” says MRF Board Chair Doug Brodman. “Research advancement proved to be the answer for me as I battled melanoma which is why I know the Legacy of Progress Endowment Fund will enable on-going support for research needed to eliminate melanoma.” 

Melanoma is the fastest growing cancer with over 187,000 Americans diagnosed in 2023. The impacts of this highly preventable cancer are far-reaching affecting all communities regardless of socio-demographics.  

Donors will have the unique ability to contribute funds of which the principal amount is conservatively invested and grows thereby providing a long-term source of funding for scientific endeavors. To date, the MRF has raised over $2.1 million for the Endowment Fund through the generosity of founding donors.  

More information about the MRF’s Legacy of Progress Endowment Fund can be found here.  

MRF CEO, Kyleigh LiPira, and several Endowment Fund founders and Board Members are featured in an informational Endowment Fund video which can be accessed here 

About the Melanoma Research Foundation  

The Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF) is the largest independent organization devoted to melanoma. Committed to the support of medical research to develop effective treatments and eventually a cure for melanoma, the MRF also educates patients and physicians about the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cutaneous melanoma and the melanoma rare subtypes. The MRF is a dedicated advocate for the melanoma community, helping to raise awareness of this disease and the need for a cure. The MRF’s website is the premier source for melanoma information seekers. More information is available at www.melanoma.org 

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