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Sally Landenberger Shares Her Heartfelt Journey as a Caregiver

Guest blog post by Sally Landenberger, melanoma caregiver and MRF supporter:

Aaron Web x

“Regrettably, my entry into the Melanoma community was not a matter of choice, but rather a journey sparked by my son Aaron’s diagnosis and battle with the disease. I wish no other mother, wife, child, or family has to go through a similar narrative.

My son Aaron was smart, talented, young, active (a runner), and an officer in the Air Force. He was a wonderful husband, father, friend, and community supporter. He was diagnosed with melanoma after having a check of a discolored spot on his back. I can remember when he called me to tell me. At the time, I knew NOTHING about melanoma.  I reassured him it would be alright. I am grateful he was serving the military in collaboration with NASA in Houston, TX. where he went to MD Anderson for consultation, analysis, and treatment.

Aaron’s treatments included: medications, radiation, chemo, and surgeries, all of which took their toll on him physically. I was able to be with him through all of these. His disease progressed slowly and each time he got a new treatment I hoped it was a cure. He had a positive attitude, believed in God, enjoyed life and always had a smile on his face. There was no cure for Aaron. He died of melanoma after 5 years.

My donations to the Melanoma Research Foundation are the least I can do to remember his fight and try to prevent another family from suffering our tragedy. I have become a member of the Legacy of Progress Endowment Fund to continue making a significant and lasting impact against this disease. May the researchers supported by our donations discover the cure that eluded us, and may it bring relief to those facing the challenges Aaron bravely confronted.” – Sally Landenberger