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MRF Partners with UVSunSense™

UV SunSense WristbandThe Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF) has partnered with UVSunSense to promote sun safety.   The UVSunSense wristband has a special coating that reacts to UV radiation – the type of radiation that causes damage to the DNA of skin cells and can cause skin cancer and melanoma.  When you apply sunscreen on yourself or your child, simply apply the same amount to the bracelet on your wrist.  When the wristband is no longer purple, it's time to apply more sunscreen.

The MRF recommends the following sun safety practices for all skin types to help prevent melanoma and other skin cancers. 

Order your UVSunSense wristbands today.  You will receive a special 5% discount offer, and the MRF will receive a portion of the proceeds from each sale.

UVSunSense Wristbands