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MRF Launches Public Service Announcement to Raise Funds for Research

The Melanoma Research Foundation recently launched a public service announcement (PSA) to support efforts to find a cure for melanoma. The PSA features MaryAnn, who bears scars on her face and neck as a result of her treatment. With so few treatment options, especially for those with advanced stages of the disease, we must do more to help people like MaryAnn. You can easily donate to support research by texting to 27138 “MARYANN 10” for a $10 pledge or MARYANN 25 for a $25 pledge.

If you are an advertising director interested in accessing the PSA files for an upcoming issue of your publication, go to the MRF public service announcement page to download the files.

If you are a volunteer and you’re interested in seeing this PSA in your favorite publications, go to Melanoma Messengers Toolkit for further information.

MRF Public Service Announcement