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Miss New York to Emcee 2022 New York Miles for Melanoma 5k

New York, NY (September 9, 2022) The Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF) is thrilled to announce that reigning Ms. New York, Heather Nunez, will emcee the Miles for Melanoma 5k on Saturday, September 17th, at the Bronx Zoo. The 5k walk/race will bring together the Greater New York area melanoma community with a goal of raising $90,000 in support of critical melanoma research. The event will open at 8:30 AM ET, with the race starting at 10 AM ET. All in-person and registered attendees will have access to explore and enjoy the Bronx Zoo after the event concludes 

Heather is a proud Dominican-American, born and raised in New York. From a young age, Heather experienced hardships and abuse in her life and relationships. Determined to make a change in the world for the better, Heather dedicated her life to being a voice for those who cannot speak in abusive situations. The MRF is honored to have Heather emcee this year’s event. Miles for Melanoma helps to both raise essential funds to support melanoma research and elevate public awareness around early detection and prevention of cutaneous melanoma and rare melanoma subtypes. Each race also highlights the importance of sun safety and scheduling annual dermatological skin checks.  

We are thrilled to welcome a wide range of local presenting and national sponsors to the New York event this September. Local sponsors include Bristol Myers Squibb, MD Solar Sciences, Merck, and Modern Ritual Health. The 2022 national sponsors include Neutrogena, Coolibar and Pfizer. 

Register to attend the New York Miles for Melanoma 5K event here and receive a sun safe shirt from Coolibar!  


About the Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF) 
The Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF) is the largest independent organization devoted to melanoma. Committed to the support of medical research in finding effective treatments and eventually a cure for melanoma, the MRF also educates patients and physicians about prevention, diagnosis, and the treatment of melanoma. The MRF is a committed advocate for the melanoma community, helping to raise awareness of this disease and the need for a cure. The MRF’s website (www.melanoma.org) is the premier source for melanoma information seekers. Find the MRF on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and TikTok. 



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Miles for Melanoma Development Officer 

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