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Meet Kayla, 9, Miles for Melanoma Denver’s Top Fundraiser!

Each year, Kayla Jensen, 9, looks forward to the trip she and her family make from Lewistown, Montana, to Denver, Colorado, for the annual Miles for Melanoma 5k run/walk. There Kayla meets up with her team Becky’s Buddies, of which she has been a dedicated member since she was seven years old. Along with her teammates, Kayla works hard to raise critically-needed funding to fight the cancer that took her Aunt Becky’s life three years ago when Becky was just 32 years old. 

Becky loved to run, so every year, Kayla runs most of the race and tries to improve her time so she can become a strong runner like her aunt. At just nine years old, Kayla is helping the MRF make major strides against melanoma in more ways than adding mileage. This year, Kayla was the top fundraiser, raising $1,250 at the Miles for Melanoma 5k in Denver!  
Kayla’s commitment to fundraising lasts all year. Her efforts begin far in advance of the 5k by asking her great grandparents to save their change in a jar throughout the year or add money when she helps them with things instead of paying her. Additionally, Kayla’s family and local community in Lewistown, many of whom knew Becky, are regular supporters of her efforts to raise awareness and funding to fight melanoma. 
Congratulations and thank you to Kayla for all of her hard work!
Pictured below: Kayla and her family at the 2016 Miles for Melanoma 5k Run/Walk in Denver


To learn more about the Melanoma Research Foundation's Miles for Melanoma 5k run/walk program, click here or email [email protected]