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#GetNaked: Missy’s Story

“He had just had a full checkup. It changed that suddenly.” – Missy


Missy and her husband, Wayne, are no strangers to the spotlight. You can catch their band performing throughout the Washington, DC area. These two are true rock stars—on and off stage. When Wayne was diagnosed with melanoma, Missy knew the life they were building together was on the line. Wayne and Missy face each day with a united front and they can truly say they are fighting cancer. Not “he,” not “I,” but “they,” together.

Missy was by his side as he underwent surgery to remove a cancerous mole on his scalp, before proceeding to immunological treatments and further surgery to target a recurrence in his thigh. Now, they are in watchful waiting.

This means regular dermatologist appointments and routinely checking their skin for any abnormal spots. Missy even schedules skin checks into her Outlook calendar as a reminder. She explains that “it’s important to do skin checks because skin cancer, particularly melanoma, can change so quickly and catching it early means you have more options for treatment.”

To deal with the “scan-xiety” that comes with regular check-ups and tracking treatment, Missy and Wayne founded a monthly support group for those living with melanoma and their loved ones. “It’s a safe place to land,” says Missy, “to talk about good and bad news, and become encouraged about moving forward.” Above all, she wants people to know that while “living with melanoma is a rollercoaster, there’s lots of living you can do, and you should do. Go get it!”

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