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EltaMD Teams Up With Andy Cohen to Ignite Skin Cancer Awareness Dialogue

The #1 Dermatologist-recommended professional sun care brand is also unveiling their newest product: UV AOX Mist, a sheer finish, all-mineral, antioxidant enriched sunscreen spray


SCOTTSDALE, AZ (MAY 18, 2023) – In honor of National Skin Cancer Awareness Month, EltaMD has partnered with Andy Cohen and the Melanoma Research Foundation on a social campaign aimed to ignite dialogue surrounding skin cancer, while educating consumers on the importance of skin checks. As the #1 dermatologist recommended sunscreen brand, EltaMD is committed to sun safety and skin protection for every body under the sun. As part of this initiative, and to encourage daily sunscreen use, EltaMD will be facilitating in-kind donations to the Melanoma Research Foundation up to a $100,000 value. 

“With over 5 million cases detected in the United States each year, more people are diagnosed with skin cancer than all other cancers combined. As a dermatologist, I appreciate EltaMD moving the benchmark on this mission by enlisting Andy to spread this imperative message in a viral fashion, eliciting conversation,” says Dr. Gohara, M.D. a board-certified dermatologist and associate clinical professor of dermatology at Yale University.

“Andy Cohen has been a vocal figure on the importance of sun safety due to his personal experience with melanoma, making him a natural fit for this partnership. His iconic photo in 1994 was the creative inspiration behind the campaign – we even engaged Spencer Tunick, the photographer behind the original shot. EltaMD will also be donating one bottle of sunscreen to the Melanoma Research Foundation for every tag. We hope this encourages individuals to schedule a skin check with their dermatologist and wear sunscreen everyday from head to toe,” said Echo Sandburg, Chief Brand Officer, CP Skin Health Group.

Building increased awareness on protecting one’s skin is more than a corporate mission for EltaMD, it’s in the brand’s DNA. Skin cancer hits home for many, with one in five Americans diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70, including Joanna Zucker, CEO of CP Skin Health U.S, who recently underwent her own battle with melanoma. 

“By partnering with Andy Cohen and the Melanoma Research Foundation for Skin Cancer Awareness Month, EltaMD hopes this amplified conversation reaches new heights to push educational boundaries on the importance of daily sunscreen use,” said Joanna Zucker, CEO U.S. CP Skin Health. “While my skin cancer experience was frightening, it has allowed me to lead EltaMD from personal experience in the brand’s efforts to advocate for daily sunscreen use and regular skin checks with a dermatologist in the fight against skin cancer.”

To further ensure protection for every body, every day, EltaMD has unveiled their latest sunscreen launch focused on effortless yet elegant application, which is a mainstay of all EltaMD brand innovation. UV AOX Mist SPF 40, is a sheer-finish, 100% mineral spray made with 14% Zinc Oxide, as well as enriched with antioxidants to prevent premature aging and rejuvenate skin. UV AOX Mist also uses unique, air-powered technology to provide 360 sprayability at any angle. 

To support this initiative, check out Andy Cohen’s (@bravoandy) Instagram post and tag a friend in the comments to remind them to get a skin check with their dermatologist and wear sunscreen daily. EltaMD will donate one bottle of sunscreen to the Melanoma Research Foundation (@curemelanoma) up to $100,000 in value for every tag made through June 16th.

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