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Days Like Today Are Why I Support the MRF

Guest blog post by MRF Board of Directors member, Doug Brodman:

On November 13th, 2018, I celebrated 3 years since hearing the words I wasn’t quite sure I’d ever hear, “Doug, your scans show no evidence of disease.” Today, as I think ahead to #GivingTuesday, and specifically why I support the Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF), I look back even further to 5 years ago when I first found the need to understand what a melanoma diagnosis meant for me.

The news took me by surprise.

Together with my wife – and now caregiver – and children we decided to learn everything we could in order to understand the battle we had ahead. The wide range of areas to learn enough about to feel comfortable with the knowledge is quite extensive and overwhelming.

We found the MRF immediately and were able to educate ourselves about the disease and understand our options. From the latest research available to potential treatment and clinical trial options, the MRF website was an invaluable resource to us. Aside from reading the clinical information, my family and I read stories from other melanoma patients and their caregivers that provided insight as to what to expect. As I progressed through diagnosis, surgery and treatment, it became clear that the resources needed to navigate through all phases is critical.

Throughout my journey from a stage 4 melanoma diagnosis to No Evidence of Disease (NED), I felt it was important to help others understand the value of education, research and advocacy for the disease. My experience on a successful clinical trial led me to develop a passion for insuring that the necessary research continues to be funded and findings shared.  I am thankful for the scientists, doctors and organizations that bring this disease to the forefront.

The MRF is the organization best positioned to educate patients and caregivers, fund research grants to find a cure and build a network of advocates. As a part of the MRF Board of Directors, I have the opportunity to contribute to a worthwhile organization that I am certain will make a significant impact in finding a cure for melanoma.

Doug Brodman is a stage 4 melanoma survivor, dedicated advocate and a strong supporter of the melanoma community who joined the MRF Board of Directors in 2018. On this #GivingTuesday (Nov. 27) please consider joining Doug and the worldwide melanoma community to show your support. Your tax-deductible donation on this global day of giving could unlock the next research breakthrough and bring us one step closer to a cure. Bookmark the link below and mark your calendar for Tuesday, November 27: #GivingTuesday!