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Apply Now: New Melanoma Research Grant Opportunities

The Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF) wants to share with you several upcoming melanoma grant opportunities including a specific call for proposals for rare melanomas and an expanded definition of melanoma prevention. The first set of awards is through the Department of Defense (DoD) Melanoma Research Program (MRP). This program is now accepting pre-applications for five types of research awards in 2022 (as listed below). In total, the DoD MRP is poised to award a total of $40 million in melanoma research funding.

  • Focused Program Award- Rare Melanoma (NEW FY22 Funding Opportunity): up to 4 years, maximum funding of $2,000,000 (pre-application due: September 14th, 2022)
  • Idea Award: up to 3 years, maximum funding of $500,000 (pre-application due: July 8th, 2022)
  • Melanoma Academy Scholar Award: up to 3 years, maximum funding of $550,000 (pre-application due: September 14th, 2022)
  • Mid-Career Accelerator Award: up to 3 years, maximum funding of $725,000 (pre-application due: September 14th, 2022)
  • Team Science Award: up to 3 years, maximum funding of $1,000,000 (pre-application due: September 14th, 2022)

Grant proposals (with the exception of the Focused Program Award in Rare Melanomas) must address the MRP Challenge Statement focused on prevention of melanoma initiation and progression.  The MRP has defined prevention to include “improved detection and monitoring capabilities, as well as inhibiting the initiation of melanoma, the emergence from tumor dormancy, and the development of metastases.” The DoD MRP anticipates awarding a total of 27 melanoma research grants, an outstanding opportunity for the melanoma community. As noted in the program description, applications for the Focused Program Award in Rare Melanoma “may propose research across the entire spectrum (biology, etiology, prevention, diagnosis and detection, prognosis, treatment, and quality of life) and must address a critical unmet need relevant to rare melanoma (e.g., uveal, acral, mucosal, pediatric).”  The higher funding and longer award term of the Focused Program Award demonstrates the DoD’s strong investment in rare melanoma such as uveal. More information can be found on the Department of Defense Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP) website.

Building off recent research advancements, discussions and momentum at meetings such as the 20th congress of the International Society of Ocular Oncology (ISOO), the Focused Program Award presents a real opportunity to enhance collaborations as well as integrate the VISION Registry into clinical trials and other research efforts and bring new tools into future research. Please contact the MRF’s CURE Ocular Melanoma (CURE OM) Co-Founder and Director, Sara Selig ([email protected]) and CURE OM Research and Data Officer, Jacqueline Kraska ([email protected]) if interested in building VISION into any of your research proposals.

The second opportunity is through the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Their 2022 research cycle includes a special call for proposals related to cancer prevention or early detection, in honor of a former Board Member who passed away recently due to melanoma. The funding opportunity is now open, with a closing date of Monday, July 11th. Additional information can be found on the Prevent Cancer Foundation Research Grants & Fellowships page.