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2017 Miles for Melanoma Top Fundraisers

As we cross the finish line for the 2017 season, the MRF's Miles for Melanoma team is reminded of the wonderful memories, powerful experiences and dedicated individuals and teams we met at events across the country this year. From Boston to San Diego, volunteer fundraisers came together to celebrate each other, honor loved ones and, most importantly, raise much-needed funds for life saving melanoma research. Below are the top individual and team fundraisers for each event:

Miles for Melanoma Boston

  • Top Team: Sheila's Stars ($13,870)
  • Top Individual: Ryan Smith ($4,630)

Miles for Melanoma DC

  • Top Team: Fighting Melanoma ($10,950)
  • Top Individual: Sheila Levine ($3,764)

Miles for Melanoma Ocean City

  • Top Team: Ron-A-Thoners ($3,145)
  • Top Individual: Patty Leo ($1,805)

Miles for Melanoma Universal Studios Backlot

  • Top Team: PaleGirl ($42,373)
  • Top Individual: Hillary Fogelson ($4,850)

Miles for Melanoma Denver

  • Top Team: SP…F U Melanoma! ($8,015)
  • Top Individual: Kristin Steiner ($3,915)

Miles for Melanoma Chicago

  • Top Team: Fubar Father ($21,255)
  • Top Individual: Lydia Carbonara ($3,306)

Miles for Melanoma San Francisco

  • Top Team: Life is Sweet ($6,654)
  • Top Individual: Courtney MacMillian ($3,535)

Miles for Melanoma Twin Cities

  • Top Team: Sweet Caroline ($3,064)
  • Top Individual: Heather Westemeier ($2,505)

Miles for Melanoma Memphis

  • Top Team: TEAM KJ ($5,532)
  • Top Individual: Peter Roney ($1,000)

Miles for Melanoma NYC

  • Top Team: Team Julie <3 ($22,380)
  • Top Individual: Jordan Henshaw ($7,435)

Miles for Melanoma New Jersey

  • Top Team: For Pete’s Sake ($6,376)
  • Top Individual: Beverly Famiano ($4,636)

Miles for Melanoma Central Ohio

  • Top Team: Team Grace ($15,740)
  • Top Individual: Grace Pophal ($10,135)

Miles for Melanoma Philadelphia

  • Top Team: Kull the Melanoma Conqueror ($10,175)
  • Top Individual: MaryBeth Orsini ($4,850)

Miles for Melanoma Atlanta

  • Top Team: Brett’s Brigade ($5,300)
  • Top Individual: Barbara-Jean Lipsey ($2,200)

Miles for Melanoma San Diego

  • Top Team: Team Bill ($10,090)
  • Top Individual: Karen Bienz ($4,610)