Ocular Melanoma

Can Ocular Melanoma be Prevented?

When it comes to melanoma of the eye, there is currently no known form of prevention. However, ocular melanoma may be more easily treated if it is detected as early as possible. For this, annual dilated eye exams by a trained ophthalmologist or optometrist are recommended. 

#EyeGetDilated and Ocular Melanoma

Ocular melanoma, or melanoma of the eye, is an aggressive form of melanoma and is the most common form of eye cancer in adults. It is diagnosed in approximately 2,000 Americans each year and in about half of OM patients the melanoma will spread, or metastasize, spreading to the liver most of the time. Thoroughly examining the eye during a routine dilated eye exam is the best way to detect ocular melanoma. Diagnosing melanoma in the eye at its earliest stage is important for a good prognosis, or outcome.

Did you know that the American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends a dilated eye exam at age 40? This exam allows the ophthalmologist to determine a baseline for your eye health and then make a prescription for continued follow-up. Don’t have an ophthalmologist? Find one here.

The MRF encourages you to commit to scheduling a dilated eye exam, especially if you’ve never had one, and to tell friends and loved ones to do the same. Here’s how:

  • Schedule your annual dilated eye exam and to encourage those you love to do the same!
  • Show your commitment to diagnosing ocular melanoma early and spreading awareness of the dangers of ocular melanoma.

The MRF’s CURE OM initiative, which launched in 2011, works across the spectrum of melanoma and has a variety of programs in researcheducation and advocacy. You can show your support for CURE OM and its commitment to the ocular melanoma community by clicking here.

To learn more about the CURE OM initiative or to get involved, email [email protected].