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About Us

Programs & Initiatives

Promoting Research, Education and Advocacy

The MRF is committed to research, education and advocacy across all types of melanoma, including ocular, mucosal and pediatric melanoma.


Created in 2011, CURE OM(Community United for Research and Education of Ocular Melanoma) accelerates research and treatments focused on the most common malignant tumor of the eye. In addition, the MRF has created initiatives that focus on rare melanoma subsets such as pediatric and mucosal melanoma, as well as hosting various scientific and educational meetings.

Mark the SPOT

In September 2014, melanoma patient Mark S. launched the Mark the SPOT program designed to create awareness among the hair stylist community about spotting unusual moles or lesions during the routine styling process. Research shows that detecting melanoma when it’s early enough to treat could mean the difference between life and a life-threatening illness. Hair stylists can play a very important role in catching suspicious spots early and recommending that the spot be checked out by a dermatologist.


The MRF works tirelessly in establishing important partnerships with leading research organizations in order to advance the research and science of melanoma.