Scientific Initiatives

Scientific Meetings

Scientific Meetings

The MRF convenes various scientific meetings each year either in response to an unmet need, as designated by our Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) or to further the CURE OMMRFBC, and/or MRF Scientific Initiatives.

Upcoming Meetings

  • CURE OM Scientific Meeting: Held in conjunction with the 16th Annual Society for Melanoma Research International Congress (November 20-23, 2019), the 9th annual meeting will convene experts on ocular melanoma to discuss clinical trials, basic science and novel targets, while exploring opportunities to collaborate.
  • State of Melanoma: Challenges and Opportunities: Also in conjunction with the SMR Congress, on November 20, the MRF Scientific Advisory Committee will host a workshop to update the 2016 MRF white paper titled State of Melanoma: Challenges and Opportunities to broadly share with stakeholders, accelerate research and further collaboration. The workshop will focus on prevention, diagnosis and early detection, tumor cell dormancy and metastasis, targeted therapy and immunotherapy.

Past Meetings Summaries & Reports

Please contact the MRF at if interested in obtaining more information on either future or past MRF scientific meetings.