Scientific Initiatives


Partnerships to Advance Science

The MRF has established important partnerships with leading research organizations. Specific partnerships include:

The Department of Defense (DoD)

The MRF strives to increase melanoma research funding through the Department of Defense. In addition to our lobbying efforts, the MRF recently partnered with the DoD to record the 2020 Melanoma Research Program Funding Opportunities: Tips for Success webinar. Donna Kimbark, PhD, outlines the application process, a variety of tips for success, and the importance of the pre-application submission deadline of June 22, 2020.

In 2018, the MRF led a coalition of advocates to successfully secure $10 million in dedicated research funding and the creation of the DoD Melanoma Research Program. Please visit the Melanoma Research Program Funding Opportunities for FY20 to learn more!

The Society for Melanoma Research (SMR)

The MRF has partnered with SMR to sponsor two awards – a Young Investigator Award “presented to an individual researcher, in the junior stage (typically within first 5 years) of their career and who has made contributions in the area of melanoma research that significantly exceed the average for this career stage” and the Christopher J. Marshall Award “presented to a student who has made substantial published and original contributions to studies of signal transduction and melanoma within the previous two years”. In addition, since 2010, the MRF CURE OM Initiative has partnered with SMR to co-host its annual global science meeting.

The National Cancer Institute (NCI)

The MRF CURE OM Initiative co-hosted a global science meeting with the SMR and NCI which resulted in a publication as well as advocating for, and ultimately achieving, inclusion of ocular melanoma in The Cancer Genome Atlas (the results published in Cancer Cell).