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In an on-demand learning environment, view the webinars that most interest you. Ranging from melanoma prevention, diagnosis and treatment, through becoming a “super advocate” on the state and federal level, our aim is to educate you so you are better prepared to be an active participant in your care and as you live with melanoma.

Patient & Caregiver Webinars

NEW! View the Monocular Vision Webinar Series!

The Monocular Vision Webinar Series is presented by Fay Tripp, MS, OTR/L, CLVT, CDRS. Ms. Tripp is an Occupational Therapist at Duke Eye Center – Vision Rehabilitation & Performance Service.

  1. Introduction – Impact on Functional Performance and Safety
  2. Coordination and Mobility Safety
  3. Adaptive Devices and Compensatory Strategies
  4. Driving Safety and Compensatory Strategies

NEW! View the Mucosal Melanoma Webinar Series!

  1. Clinical Presentation and Biology of Mucosal Melanoma – presented by Richard Carvajal, MD
  2. Local-Regional Treatment for Mucosal Melanoma – presented by Marlana Orloff, MD
  3. Medical Therapy for Mucosal Melanoma – presented by Alexander Shoushtari, MD
  4. Biomarker Studies for Mucosal Melanoma – presented by Michael Atkins, MD


Why Test for BRAF Mutation? – presented by Keith Flaherty, MD

Radiology Basics – presented by David J. Eschelman, MD, FSIR

Ocular Melanoma Treatment & Research Update – presented by Richard Carvajal, MD

Intralesional Therapy in Melanoma – presented by David Chen, MD, PhD

Precision Medicine in Melanoma – presented by Douglas Johnson, MD, MSCI

Pregnancy and Melanoma – presented by Vernon Sondak, MD

Melanoma Brain Metastases: Diagnosis and Treatment – presented by Michael Davies, MD, PhD

Immunotherapy: Managing Side Effects – presented by Mike Postow, MD

The Power of Advocacy – presented by Adam Taliaferro, Esq

Physician & Provider Webinars

Uveal Melanoma: Current Ocular Therapy & the Future of Systemic Therapy – presented by Richard Carvajal, MD; Alexander Shoushtari, MD; Ryan Sullivan, MD; Carol Shields, MD

Biomarkers & Genomic Testing – presented by Geoff Gibney, MD


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