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Education Institute



As part of the MRF’s Education Institute we have developed education and advocacy opportunities to better serve the melanoma community. Whether it’s to take the annual Certified Melanoma Educator course, the Advocacy 101 course, or a course on participation in melanoma research, the MRF aims to be your one-stop-shop for melanoma education and advocacy!

Available Courses

Melanoma Educator Course

This course is for anyone who would like to take a deeper dive and learn more about types of melanoma, what melanoma may look like, and strategies to prevent melanoma.

Melanoma Educator Course for Healthcare Students

This course for healthcare students does a deep dive into melanoma prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, as well as provides information on how melanoma may appear in the BIPOC population and information about the rare melanoma subtypes.

Advocacy 101: How to Influence Policy

This course was developed to better prepare volunteers on what it means to serve as a melanoma advocate and ways to influence policy.

Is there a topic that you think would make a great course? If so, email [email protected]!