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You and Melanoma

An Animated Patient’s Guide to Melanoma

We are excited to provide the MRF’s new online patient education resource, You and Melanoma: An Animated Patient’s Guide to Melanoma.

Understanding Melanoma

This animation describes the causes of melanoma and the signs to watch for (called the ABCDEs of melanoma). It also provides an overview of how melanoma is staged, what you should do if you notice any signs, and the steps you can take to protect your skin and prevent melanoma.

Diagnosing Melanoma

This animation describes the tests and procedures doctors use to diagnose melanoma. It explains skin examination, skin biopsy methods, lymph node biopsy methods and imaging tests. This animation also provides an overview of how melanoma is staged (how far the cancer has spread). Knowing the stage helps doctors decide how to best treat your melanoma and predict your prognosis, or outlook.

Treating Melanoma

This animation explains the current treatment options for melanoma. You can find out about surgery, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, vaccines and clinical trials. This animation also describes possible side effects

The You and Melanoma resource provides expert advice about melanoma to help you discuss key issues with your healthcare provider. Learn the facts about causes, warning signs, early detection, prevention, diagnosis and treatment through easy-to-understand animation and slide resources. You are invited to provide feedback to help direct future content as this site becomes part of your personal information resource on melanoma. We welcome you to this online community resource to improve your quality of life and health outcomes.

We have newly released Expert Videos from Dr. Jeffrey S. Weber, where he walks through each module and goes into the specifics about understanding melanoma, a melanoma diagnosis and treatments. Check them all out here

Thank you to our You and Melanoma Expert Faculty:

Dr. Jeffrey S. Weber, MD, PhD
Deputy Director
Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center
Professor of Medicine
NYU Langone Medical Center


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