Programs & Initiatives

Pediatric & Mucosal Melanoma

Dedicated to the rare forms of melanoma

The MRF aims to support all types of melanoma, including the rare subsets, such as pediatric and mucosal melanoma.

Pediatric Melanoma

Although pediatric and AYA (adolescent and young adult) melanoma is quite rare, the incidence is rising. Each year the MRF sponsors an Annual Pediatric Summit so that families can come together and learn the latest in medical treatments, research, and find support. The MRF is guided by the Pediatric Steering Committees, consisting of two different groups: the Scientific Steering Committee and the Parent Steering Committee. These volunteers dedicate their time and efforts to advancing the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of pediatric melanoma.

Mucosal Melanoma

Mucosal melanoma is a rare form of melanoma that is found in the mucous membrane. In addition to raising awareness of this disease through the MRF “Out of the Shadows” video, the MRF has funded several mucosal melanoma research grants throughout the years, as well as provided funding support for a 12-institution biomarker trial for patients with mucosal or acral lentiginous melanoma who will be treated with combination checkpoint inhibitor. Biospecimens from patients on this trial will be collected in the MRFBC Virtual Repository to support research that explores which patients will respond.