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Profile in Courage

April 14, 2011

I won’t give her name here, but her story is worth telling.  She was a young woman when she found an odd mole on her back.  Simple surgery, but the path report came back as melanoma.  She didn’t know then that melanoma is the …


April 5, 2011

To say that a patient failed a treatment is to use fairly common jargon in describing a situation in which the patient is no longer benefitting from that treatment.  That doesn’t mean it is the right thing to say, however….The Melanom …

Where the Sun Don’t Shine

April 5, 2011

About 2/3 of melanomas are caused by exposure to UV radiation.  Often the damage is done in the days of our youth, and only manifested later in life.  So if people were very careful about their exposure to UV radiation we would see the death …

Yervoy Approval in the News

March 25, 2011

The melanoma community has waited a long time for a breakthrough. See what MRF and patients have had to say about the FDA's decision on Yervoy: F.D.A. Approves Drug to Treat Melanoma, The New York TimesFDA approves new drug for late-stage mela …

FDA Approval of New Melanoma Therapy Changes Landscape for Patients

March 25, 2011

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Thirteen years of waiting is now over for melanoma patients. That’s how long it’s been since the last therapy became available to treat the most lethal form of skin cancer – melanoma.  The FDA today announc …