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Gifts and Giving

December 27, 2011

  A close relative is a two-time cancer survivor.  He was diagnosed with lymphoma, a form of cancer that is notorious for recurrence.  Fortunately the doctors caught it early and rounds of radiation and chemotherapy worked their magic on …

Holiday Spirit

December 19, 2011

  The holidays can be challenging in many ways, and particularly when the previous year has brought the death of a loved one.  Often, when someone dies of melanoma, the family elects to have donations made to MRF in that person’s memory …

Public Servants

December 6, 2011

  Newscasters tell us that the approval rating for the US Congress is at an all-time low—under 10%.  We hear a lot about a “do-nothing” Congress, and have become jaded about the commitment and dedication of these, often, car …

Taking a Chance on Hope

November 22, 2011

His wife died of melanoma a few months ago and he was talking about hope. I can’t claim to have known her well, but in my own encounters with her and by all accounts, she was a remarkable human being.  She was highly respected at work, a clo …

Washington, D.C. Melanoma Patient Community Celebrates Treatment Advances

November 8, 2011

For Immediate Release: November 8, 2011 Contact: Jenni Glenn   Brooke Gilchrist                  Jones Public Affairs DC Wings of Hope      …