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MRF Partners with USA Field Hockey and glōProfessional in Sun Safe Play! Campaign

November 28, 2012

  USA Field Hockey launches Sun Safe Play! Campaign glōProfessional and the Melanoma Research Foundation will partner in educational skin cancer initiative COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo – GlōProfessional, a USA Field Hockey premier partner and the …

FDA to Consider Patient Perspective in Drug Development

November 8, 2012

The FDA is launching a new program in which they will consider and incorporate the patient perspective into drug development.  They will choose 20 diseases for the program and the MRF is lobbying to have melanoma be one of them.  As we all kn …

Washington, D.C. Melanoma Community Hosts Gala to Fuel Treatment Advances

October 31, 2012

  Washington, D.C. – Melanoma, the fastest growing cancer in the U.S., claims the life of one person every hour. Fortunately, researchers have recently seen progress in the treatment and research landscape, and many top doctors believe the next fi …

Lessons in Good and Bad

October 29, 2012

Several years ago, country comedians Archie Campbell and Roy Clark made famous a sketch based on the phrases “that’s good” and “that’s bad”.  Archie:  My uncle died. Roy: That’s bad. Archie: No, that …

“Science” for Hire

October 13, 2012

The story is told of two friends walking down a country lane.  One was a merchant, the other a scientist.  The merchant looks into the adjacent field and comments, “Those cows sure are a pretty shade of brown.”  The scientist …