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Sunlamps and Tanning Beds Get FDA Warning

June 4, 2014

CNN.com wrote an article about the FDA's recent announcement to increase regulations on indoor tanning beds, including the new warning labels. The article quotes the MRF's Executive Director Tim Turnham. Read the article here.

Ipilimumab Prolongs Progression-Free Survival as Adjuvant Therapy for Melanoma

June 2, 2014

Statement from Tim Turnham, Executive Director, Melanoma Research Foundation, Regarding Ipilimumab as Adjuvant Therapy for Melanoma Today Bristol-Meyers Squibb (BMS) announced the results of an adjuvant study involving melanoma drug ipilimumab (more co …

FDA Approves Increased Regulations Over Indoor Tanning Beds

May 29, 2014

The MRF’s Executive Director, Tim Turnham makes a statement on the FDA’s decision to enforce stricter regulations on the use of indoor tanning beds. Statement from Tim Turnham, Executive Director, Melanoma Research Foundation, Regarding FDA R …

Gov’t Puts New Age Restrictions on Tanning Beds

May 29, 2014

On May 29, 2014, the FDA announced its approval to reclassify indoor tanning beds in an effort to reduce the rising rates of skin cancer linked to UV exposure. The MRF's Executive Director, Tim Turnham, is quoted in the Associated Press' articl …

Guest Post: Early Detection Can Save Your Life

May 13, 2014

Stage IV melanoma survivor Jamie Goldfarb writes about the importance of early detection. “The only constant in life is change.”  – Heraclitus   My primary melanoma tumor was a birthmark on my thigh that changed over time. For at …