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MRF’s Hill Briefing Generates News Coverage Nationwide

April 9, 2010

[jwplayer |config=mrfplayer | file=https://melanoma.org/sites/default/files/upload/VTS_01_1.flv | image=https://melanoma.org/sites/default/files/mrf-tanning-tax-poster-img.jpg]On Wednesday, March 24, 2010, the MRF hosted a Capitol Hill briefing to …

Link Between Tanning Beds and Cancer to be Examined at Capitol Hill Briefing

March 23, 2010

HILLSBOROUGH, N.J. — Will indoor tanning be the next “Big Tobacco“ – a product that poses such a public health threat that it prompts federal action and a stronger warning label? HILLSBOROUGH, N.J. — Will indoor tanning be the next “Big Tobacco“ – a pr …

Is Indoor Tanning Safe?

March 19, 2010

Although tanning beds were labeled “carcinogenic for humans” by the International Agency for Research of Cancer and moved to its highest cancer risk category, more than a million people visit tanning salons every day. That may, in part, be because of t …

Melanoma Survivors at Higher Risk of Other Cancers

March 17, 2010

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Melanoma survivors are at increased risk of other cancers as well as the return of their skin cancers, according to a new study, leading National Cancer Institute researchers to urge lifelong follow-up of such survivors. Rea …

A Cappella for a Cure: A Concert Benefiting MRF

March 17, 2010

What: Carnegie Hall, a historic venue that has featured some of the world’s greatest musicians, will be the venue for the “A Cappella for a Cure.” This performance by groups from three top universities will include unique vocal pieces to benefit the cu …