Get Involved in Melanoma Awareness 

Melanoma claims the lives of almost 10,000 Americans every year. 9 out of 10 cases are considered to be preventable.

Preventing melanoma, or catching it in the earliest stages when it is highly treatable, is a critical part of the MRF's mission and one that wouldn't be possible without YOUR help. How can you increase melanoma awareness in your community? First, educate yourself on all types of melanoma, including the rare forms, like acral,  desmoplastic and mucosal. Then...

Get Social

Join the active and engaged social media community on the MRF's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Connect with the MRF's CURE OM initiative on Facebook and Twitter. Share the importance of melanoma early detection with our dedicated awareness campaigns:

  • #GetNaked: Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer, but when caught early survival rates can be over 90%. The MRF encourages everyone to #GetNaked once a year for a full body dermatologist exam, and to conduct monthly self-checks by yourself or with a partner. Download our free self-screening guide, take the #GetNaked pledge and encourage your friends and loved ones to do the same! 
  • #EyeGetDilated: Ocular melanoma (OM) is the most common form of eye cancer in adults, but it can often have no symptoms until it has reached an advanced stage when treatment options are limited and the prognosis is often poor. OM is most commonly discovered during a routine dilated eye exam, an easy and painless exam that should be a part of everyone's yearly wellness routine, even if you have no vision problems. Schedule your annual exam and then tell the world that #EyeGetDilated!

Join an Event or Host Your Own

  • Miles for Melanoma: Each year, the MRF hosts Miles for Melanoma 5k run/walks in cities across the US. Thousands of melanoma patients, survivors, caregivers and supporters come together to walk, run and raise funds for melanoma research and education. Participating in a Miles for Melanoma 5k is a great way to raise awareness too: as you ask friends and co-workers to support you, tell them why the cause is important to you. Personal stories are a powerful and memorable way to increase melanoma awareness.
  • CommUNITY Fundraising: What do a car wash, casino night and a chili cook-off have in common? They are some of the many ways volunteers can raise funds and promote melanoma awareness through creative and engaging activities in their communities. Our CommUNITY Fundraising program has all the tools you'll need to host a successful event, and the MRF has a library of free melanoma educational materials you can share to educate event attendees.

Become a Certified Melanoma Educator

Want to take your knowledge of melanoma to the next level? Join the MRF's active volunteer network and be sure that you know the latest in melanoma diagnosis, prevention and treatment by earning a one-year certification!

Share Educational Materials in Your Community

The MRF has a wide variety of free melanoma educational materials that can be shared at schools, health fairs, doctor's offices and fundraisers! Others in your community - especially middle schools and high schools - may also be interested in an educational, animated video, Understand Melanoma, that is perfect for the classroom! 

Tell Your Salon About Mark the SPOT!

Mark the SPOT! is an educational program designed to create awareness among the hair stylist community about spotting unusual moles or lesions during the routine styling process.