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Diagnosed with ocular melanoma in 2013...tumor died. Now treating melanoma of liver as of Nov 2014.


In April 2013 I was diagnosed with ocular melanoma. I went to various hospitals and ended up at NYU for radiation treatment. Everything went well and over a year later the tumor died that was in my eye.

i went back to NYU for a checkup in November 2014 and found out that the melanoma has spread to my liver, Stage IV. Since finding this I have started the IPI treatment for every three weeks (just finished my first round) and in between having Leukine injections for 14 days. 

I am wondering if there is anyone who has had the same melanoma or treatments. Also, if anyone has experienced any side effects. I have a rash and some blisters showing up on my outer thigh from what I believe is from the Leukine. Any advice or info would be fantastic. 

Also, since the blisters showed up, I was told to take prednisone. Now I am worried that the prednisone will inhibit the treatments. Does anyone know any info on this? 

I hope to hear back and ease my anxietys of an already tough situation. And for those who have won the battle.... I hope to be in your shoes. To those who haven't and their families..... All my prayers and best go out to you. This is a tough illness and I'm sure as everyone else feels, I want to be around much longer especially for my children and my beloved pitbull. 

God bless. And I hope to hear from someone soon!

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Momrn5 - (1/14/2015 - 12:34am)

Please post in the forum. There are many people there who could answer your questions. Good luck!

ConstructionCM - (2/9/2015 - 10:52am)



Best of wishes with your treatments.  I had Stage IV and did 4 rounds of Yervoy (Ipi) and then was treated with PD-1/Keytruda.  My side effects right after my first infusion of yervoy was rash.  I also had a little fatique. Through out my treatment process the rash has remained constant.  It is actually a good sign in that it shows that your body is responding to the medicine.  FYI, I am in complete remission 7 months after my initial diagnosis.  I wish you the same success.  Stay positive!