Stage 4 Melanoma

Found out I had Melanoma on top of my head in July 2010. Was operated on the same month. Also removed 4 lymp nodes in my neck. They removed 4 and one had a trace of cancer, so the doctor removed 57 more and they were all clear. 

Had a pet scan, ct scan & MRI in December. They showed a small spot on my lung. The doctor said it could have been there for a long time, but wanted more scans in 3 months. They found the same spot on my lung, but also found spots on my spleen and liver.

I asked the doctor if I did nothing what  would happen? He said I would die in about a year.

So he sent me to Angeles Clinic in Santa Monica where they do nothing but clinical trails on Melanoma. I was put on ll-2 for 4 weeks. 5 days in a row with an infusion, then 10 days off and then 5 days on again, for 3 weeks.

 Waited 2 weeks then had a ct scan and MRI. The tumor in the lung did not grow, but the one on the liver grew 1 mm and they also found another one on the liver. The one in the spleen also grew to about 2 inches. Not good.

They are going to try me on e7080, so I hope for the best. The doctor was thinking of the ipi drug, but I am 79 years old he is not sure I could take the side effects.

 I am concerned about my insurance paying. I have medicare and private.

God bless