Just finished Yervoy for this cancer that knows and obeys no rules...

I have just completed the 4 infusion treatment of Yervoy at a cost of $135,000.  I had a PET scan which showed some cells were dead.  I had two CT scans done in order to compare apples to oranges (a scan last April) which showed there is a slight progression in my cancer.  I had to fire the oncology office due to too much turnover in oncologists and am starting over soon with another office.

I have worked steady throughout my treatment for the cancer that "knows and obeys no rules."

My ex-girlfriend departed although I had seen her through her treatment for colon cancer and other health issues.

The main purpose for writing this is not to whine but to thank those who have supported me and I am quite stubborn and intead to persevere.  I am including a link to provide an inspiring story and I'm actively following this natural way of kicking cancer's behind.  http://www.prevention.com/ediblehealing/index.shtml