I am stronger than cancer!

My physical description should explain it all. Irish, fair skin, tons of freckles, red hair. I should have always been more serious about applying my sun block but being a teenager, I wanted that "glow" that all the girls in my class had. I'm 33, engaged to my soulmate and this past October I was diagnosed with Stage 1B melanoma. Here I am planning for the most important day of my life with my fiancé and amazing family, and then you hear the word cancer. It brought me to my knees, sobbing asking God to heal me. Cancer is huge in my family and of course the worst images came to my mind. I went to one of the best hospitals in the world, Memorial Sloan Kettering. With two surgeries my cancer was removed. My wonderful family, fiance' and dear friends prayed so hard for me. Their love and support is something I will never forget and I owe them my life for all they have done for me.

Matthew 18:20 "For where two or three gather in m my name, there I am with them"
During my six month dermatologist appointment last week, my doctor did a biopsy of a mole on my leg and the result came back with another cancer surgery that needs to be done. I have to wait another two weeks to have it removed along with normal skin so as you can imagine these two weeks will feel like two years! With my strong faith, my wonderful family, fiancé and dear friends, I have been so incredibly blessed! I know it will all be over soon and I can continue to plan for the most important, blessed day of my life! I know I am stronger than cancer! But as everyone knows here, it is very scary and the pain during the surgery cannot be explained.
I am truly inspired by everyone's story on this site. I feel God sent me to this web page to help me heal in some way. I pray everyone keeps their faith strong as I have.
Tue, 2016-08-23


bcbcbc55 - (11/16/2016 - 7:45am)

Best of luck to you, thanks for sharing your story