We all have a path. I'm grateful everyday for mine.


I had just moved to Florida in March for a job. I was literally sitting in the occupational health office of the hospital, getting cleared as healthy enough to work, when I got the call. Looking back, the irony is enough to make you laugh and cry at the same time. I was diagnosed as IIIB after WLE and SLNB of the left leg. BRAF+, with ulceration, 1 lymph node positive. The surgeon pushed for CLND, but I refused. I didn't like the team I had, and I had to make a tough decision about my career path. My job was incredibly stressful...and I didn't feel as though it was worth sticking around. So I quit my job, moved back home to New Hampshire, and found a new oncology team I love at MGH. I try to incorporate a holistic approach as well - juicing, meditation, acupuncture. We only have one life to live, so let's make it a good one! I have since had an in transit met removed as well as a CLND, with 6 positive nodes. I started Sylatron in January as my adjuvant treatment. I'm almost at my year anniversary of diagnosis - here's hoping I get a bunch more!

Mon, 2016-02-22


P545hdu - (4/19/2016 - 1:34pm)

Hey Lauren, I am just reaching out first to see how you are doing in your recovery? My name is Christine and I have just been diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma 4/8/2016. I have 3 sons and a husband. I lost my sister in law October of 2014 to Melanoma. I am trying to connect with people for support. 

Francyn - (6/12/2016 - 11:12am)

I was  diagnosed with malignant melanoma on May 20 of this year and would like to connect with other melanoma patients. I am BRAF  negative with no known point of origin for the melanoma. I am fortunate that it is only in my abdomen and groin lymph nodes on the left side and not in brain, bones, lungs, or other organs.  I started my first round of Yervoy  on Friday.  I will post this as my own story but wanted to reach out to you as well