Malignant choroidal melanoma was my diagnosis after a routine eye exam.


I was diagnosed with eye melanoma after a routine eye exam in July 2015. This news came during the preparation for my daughter's wedding. We got through the wedding and immediately met with an ocular oncologist at the University of Iowa. I feel very fortunate to have him close to my home town because I understand that there are not many specialist that treat this type of cancer. After several tests it was confirmed that the freckle that the eye doctor had found was indeed a 4mm thick melanoma in my right eye.

I had to go through several scans, the last being a pet scan, to rule out mets to my liver before the cancer could be treated. We went over all the different treatments and I chose to have plaque radiation therapy which landed me in the hospital for a week while the plaque was attached to my eye. I lost my oldest son at 31 suddenly -  two weeks before my scheduled surgery - from a pulmonary embolism. So, not only did I have to undergo treatment from a rare cancer, I was also mourning the loss of a child.

I chose to have a biopsy of the tumor right before plaque placement  to help asses the frequency of further testing. I am two weeks out from treatment, still waiting for results of the biopsy and returning for follow up appt. tomorrow. My eye sight in my right eye is okay, still have double vision in my right peripheral area and some blurriness and my pupil is still very dilated and light sensitive. I am a nurse and appreciate all the medical staff that have been involved in my treatment.  

Mon, 2015-09-21


geriakt - (9/25/2015 - 8:38am)


I am so sorry what you are going through. I makes mine seem like a cake walk even though I am at the hospital every week. Do your best to get past this.

UBContributor - (1/6/2017 - 2:24pm)

How are you doing today, dear Karen?