Hannah Kulukjian

Melanoma at 21


Hello, my name is Hannah. I'm sharing my story because May is skin cancer awareness month and we need to show the world how IMPORTANT early detection is. 

I'm 21 years old. Very pale skin, green eyes, freckles, red hair and an unecessary amount of moles. Growing up, I would get sunburnt very easily and I have had a number of blistering burns. As I got older I started getting more and more moles. My dad was very adamant ahout getting looked at by a dermatologist, so about 3 months ago, I finally did. I was very very nervous. My doctor checked my whole body from head to toe. I told him the one I was concerned with the most was on my forearm. He didn't hesitate about doing a punch biopsy on it. 

He told me to call the office if I didn't hear back in 2 weeks. As 2 weeks went on I started to get concerned. He told me 2nd and 3rd opinions were being done. I finally got the call I was dreading. He told me that the results came back as melanoma :( I was TERRIFIED. I called my family members crying, none of them could believe it. The lesion was fairly thin which was good. I went to the surgeon to have a wide local excision. I now have a 3 inch scar where the melanoma was. I got an email from the surgeon saying that no malignant melanoma was identified (meaning that it did not spread). I was beyond thankful and truly blessed. It just goes to show IMPORTANT early detection is! I have an appointment May 6th to have 5 more biopsies. I'm hoping and praying I have no more melanoma or any kind of skin cancer. Being aware definitely saved my life.

Mon, 2014-05-05