To hear I had melanoma Stage IIIa felt like I just heard I had lung cancer while I never smoked.... I always had been so careful in the sun!!!
Until this day this all still seems a dream or movie, and I so didn't want to be in it, but I was.
I was diagnosed in January 2014 with Stage IIIa melanoma on my left flank, after I noticed a mole that was itching and changing. The mole was removed with a large excision and one of three lympnodes came back positive for melanoma.
I had a complete left groin lymph node dissection in March. The CT scan in May showed a large ovarian cyst (10x6) that they removed to rule out melanoma. Thank god negative! I was adviced to wear stockings on my left leg for 6 months. I just stopped wearing them a few weeks ago. Didn't know if they helped then, but now I know they did. I just start wearing them again because it just works better for me for now - no or little swelling.
I still have a hard time with exercise. You think you are fine and then later, when it's too late, you know you are not and you have the take it easy for a few days...frustrating. Sleeping at night is hard too between the anxiety and my leg falling asleep no matter what position I'm in. But ohhh well, I always think it could be worse.
My PET Scan is coming up on November 6th. Nervous already but of course, like always, hoping for the best and keeping my head up. 
My only option was a clinical trial, and I decided not to do this. The melanoma may come back maybe a few years later. I don't want to feel sick for a year to only postpone melanoma. If it comes back, I have to deal with it anyway, but hopefully never again.
Wishing all of you the best for now and forever!
Tue, 2014-10-28


Hello Dutchlady,  I will be thinking about you on November 6th.  I do hope and pray your scan is clear.  My son has a very similar situation to yours (IIIb) although he has opted to try the interferon treatment.  He too had a complete groin lymph node dissection in September.  His treatment begins early December.  I wish you well, stay strong with positive thoughts. 


Christinad - (1/31/2015 - 1:58pm)

I was diagnosed with stage III a melanoma December 2014 but was told Interferon is my only option. What clinical trial were you offered? 

Dutchlady - (2/5/2015 - 10:13pm)

Also interferon

Dutchlady - (2/5/2015 - 10:11pm)

Thank you!


rick1981 - (2/5/2015 - 3:10pm)

Hey Dutchlady!

Hoe gaat het met je?

Gr, Rick Nijhuis

Dutchlady - (2/5/2015 - 10:26pm)

Things are well, thank you.

Scan and bloodwork clear.

started manual lymphatic drainage last Monday, hope this will help with extra fluid in my leg

And signed up for the Ride to Conquer Cancer! Can't believe I will be doing this!


Dank je voor je belangstelling!

Sabine X