Cary Baumgartner

Nivolumab infusion day. Thought I'd send a subtle message to my cancer.


My name is Cary Baumgartner. I am an American that lives and works in Hong Kong. In 2014, I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma in my right, upper arm. After two procedures, it was completely removed with clear margins and no spread to lymph nodes. In June, 2016 I had a PET/CT/MRI. The results came back Stage IV Metastatic Melanoma in both lungs and liver. The tissue pathology from the liver biopsy showed me to be BRAF negative. Our only option was to start immediately on the Immunotherapy drug Nivolumab. In Sep, 2016, I had an initial PET/CT/MRI completed at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX. The results showed significant shrinkage in one of my liver mets, as well as one of my lung mets. The remaining tumours showed no sign of progression. 

Taday was my 10th cycle of Nivolumab. I have had many side effects through the treatment. Mostly mild to moderate side effects and up til now, completely manageable. Our next PET/CT/MRI is scheduled for mid Dec.

This is, without a doubt, the longest, most gruelling, and emotional battle that we will ever fight. I am thankful to all volunteers that provide so much of themselves during, many times, their own ongoing battles. I would dearly love to provide any insight or advice or just be an ear for venting. Thank you. 


Cary Baumgartner


Wed, 2016-11-23


TexMelanomex - (3/18/2017 - 11:37am)

Hi Cary,

I read your story and loved that picture of giving cancer the finger! I wanted to see how you are doing. I am just getting started in this process and heading down to MD Anderson in two days for surgery and SNB. I have Dr. Ross and have already met with him earlier this month. I hope all is well with you and you are still giving Melanoma the finger!!