Brittany Elizabeth

With a blink of an eye my life changed

My name is Brittany, and I'm 19 years old. Around November of 2013, I notcied a weird mark on the back of my right arm. It looked like a pimple. I didn't think anything of it and I let it go because I thought it would just go away. I went on with my life, but still noticed it along the months that went by. Finally, in the beginning of March 2014, I knew somehing wasn't right. It wasn't going away at all. I went to my local doctor and she said it was definitely a bite. So, she gave me ointment and she said it would go away. A little over a month went by and it wasn't going away. I went back and they sent me to get a biopsy done. Never in a million years would I have thought I'd hear that I have cancer. Hearing those words was so hard. I was in shock. While he told me and was telling me everything, tear flowed down my face, and after we got off the phone I balled my eyes out in my boyfriend's arms.

When I got home my parents held me as we all cried, but they kept telling me to keep positive thoughts, and that they were there with me and we were gonna get through this. I had my first surgery on May 12th, and they took 3 of my lymph nodes out. Last week I found out that one of them came out positive and the other 2 came out negative. In a couple days I go and get a pet scan done and a brain scan done, and after my swelling goes down, I go into surgery again and this time they'll take all of my lymph nodes out. Then I have my treatment, immunotherapy.

This experience has made me open my eye and changed my perspective of life. I have my bad days where I'm just a mess and cry and think about everything. But then I have my good days where I have positive thoughts and I have hope. My good days triumph my bad and I know attitude is everything through this. I can't stress enough to all my family and friends and even people I don't know to use sun lotion, don't use tanning beds, and to go and have your body checked regularly. Don't feel unconfomfortable because it can save your life. If I could go back to when I first notcied it, I would in a heart beat. I've learned that you need to be strong. I made this so I could talk to people because I feel like it would help me through this, and I want to help and support oither people as well. We will beat this. 

Mon, 2014-05-26


MazDut - (8/30/2015 - 1:38pm)

I have just been diagnosed with level 1a melanoma - i have had the mole from my leg removed and now need further surgery to remove surrounding tissue.  I am 45.  Reading your story has helped me lift myself up - you are very young and beautiful (same age as my middle daughter).  You are right attitude is everything.  lots of love to you and your family

Marion X (Maz) :-)

William101466 - (10/22/2017 - 11:48am)

I received immunotherapy and i had a adverse immuno reaction to it and my doctor did not give me high doses of corticosteroids like the drug information said to do so now im in bad shape.
Immunotherapy is very helpful and most people don't have this reaction but please tell your parents that if you have some kind of reaction and are hospitalized to demand the doctors to give you high dose corticosteroids to lesson the damage.
I know if i would have received them i would be walking today. Best wishes to you Brittany.


Imajig - (2/27/2018 - 8:42am)

Hi from Australia, I hope you’re well into recovery now, all good and back to loving life! All the best