I love life! How strange that for the 2nd time in my 43 years I am facing cancer and it's relentless pursuit to take it from me.


I'm 43 and I love being outside. I have 3 kids and live in colorful, beautiful, Colorado.  I'm a child of the 70's. So what's to blame? My hiking, swimming, cycling, sailing, patio top drinks or a few too many blistering sunburns as a child to blame for my very recent melanoma diagnosis. 15 years ago I battled and won against synovial sarcoma. Today I wait to see how my 5.5mm nodular, non ulcerated, 18 mitotic rate tumor will affect my future. For now she is losing. PET scans clear.  Brain stem MRI clear. LDH blood draw perfect. All that's left is is the SNB and excision. Two weeks. Two more weeks until I will know for certain if the melanoma has reached beyond the calf of my right leg that never seemed to see the light of day.  

I have hope. I have God. I have my family. It's a diagnosis. It's not a death sentence. I will stop trying to find the piece of the report that bears the bad news. I will stop planning my children's future without me in it. I will be strong. I will continue to eat well, work out, play and love. That will help me win this fight. 

All of you doubting, worrying. Just know, all the stuff we read is not always true. Everything I've read tells me I won't be here in 5 years. I accept the challenge and I will keep you all updated along my journey. Thanks for this forum and for your stories.  

Wed, 2016-07-13


JustJaren - (2/22/2017 - 3:12pm)


There have been no updates. Wondering how your SNB came out and how you are faring. Life IS beautiful and I am confident you are still here, with an even greater appreciation of this journye called LIFE.